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LAU Partners with KeyLearn

LAU has partnered with KeyLearn company that works in education, research, and management outsourcing, opening the door for students to intern within their organization.

LAU Partners with RushForLess

In an effort to increase students’ scope of internship opportunities, LAU has teamed with RushForLess, a dynamic platform that brings retailers and shoppers together. Available internships will be posted on the LAU International Career Portal through which students will be able to view and apply for vacancies.

Heroine of Health Award for Dr. Myrna Doumit

The Women in Global Health has bestowed the Heroine of Health Award 2021 on LAU Associate Professor of Nursing Myrna Abi Abdallah Doumit. This tribute was given in recognition of her leadership in the aftermath of the August 4 explosion, and her tireless campaign to improve nurses’ rights and working conditions in the country.

LAU Partners with Dox

LAU has joined forces with dox s.a.l., a startup providing a battery predictive analytics platform, to provide students and graduates with training opportunities to help them build needed skills and gain practical internship experience.

Two Engineering Students Receive the CAT International Award

Engineering students Mariane Daher and Elias El Hachem have each been awarded the Contracting and Trading (CAT) International Award, amounting to $5,000, in recognition of their academic performance at LAU. Since 1996, the CAT Group has been a supporter of LAU, most recently with its launch of the research-centric CAT scholarship.

LAU Partners with SchemaZone

LAU has partnered with SchemaZone, a Canadian training and consultancy company, granting students the opportunity to get trained, engage in mentored internships, and potentially become employed within their teams.

LAU Partners with Creo Incubator

LAU has partnered with Creo Incubator, a platform which garners the power of micro learning and gamification to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the best skills and know-how to kickstart their journey. Their approach combines interactive education with inspiration ignition and access to investors to support diverse talents. This enables LAU students who are curious about entrepreneurship and innovative educational methods to join their company and learn within their team.

Alumna Emma Boutros Features in Forbes

Renowned Designer Emma Boutros (BS ’08) has been featured on the Forbes’ 40 Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands 2021 list. Only two years after graduating from LAU, she founded Poise Design, a footwear brand that made it to the red carpet and struck collaborations with local and international labels.

LAU Partners with Bananamonkey

LAU has recently partnered with bananamonkey, specialized in visual communication, strategy, design and digital, to offer opportunities for LAU students. They have started posting their vacancies on the LAU International Career Portal to recruit talented students and graduates.

LAU Partners with TimeSaver

TimeSaver, a startup micro-logistics company for online shops, and LAU are collaborating to widen the scope of job and internship opportunities provided for LAU students and graduates. 

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