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Medical Education Grants Dean Sola Aoun Bahous the Choice Critics Award

Medical Education, a leading international journal that publishes scholarly papers on healthcare education, has recognized LAU Dean of the Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine Sola Aoun Bahous with a Choice Critics Award for her exceptional contributions to the journal.


New Book Release

On November 24, LAU’s Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution held a book launch of Contemporary Islamist Perspectives on International Relations: Mainstream Voices from the Sunni and Shii Arab World by Professor of Political Science and International Affairs Sami Baroudi. In a panel discussion with Dr. Mohanad Hage Ali (BS ‘99; MA ‘05), director of communications and senior fellow at Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center, Dr. Baroudi spoke about salient topics in his book and the relationship between political Islam and international relations. 


Engineering Faculty Among the World’s Top-Cited Researchers

A recent report of the world’s top two percent scientists by Stanford researcher John Ioannidis has included six School of Engineering faculty: Dean and Professor Michel El Khoury, Professor Chadi Abou Rjeily, Professor Wissam Fawaz, Professor Wassim Habchi, Professor Lina Karam, and Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and Professor Samer Saab. Their ranking attests to the school’s efforts in knowledge transfer, as they make up half of the total LAUers listed in the report.


Dr. El Hajj’s Publication Most Cited in Life Writing

A publication by Assistant Professor of Creative and Journalistic Writing Sleiman El Hajj, Writing (from) the Rubble: Reflections on the August 4, 2020 Explosion in Beirut, is a collective memoir that became the most cited article published in Life WritingThe memoir has now been read over 2,700 times, and its emphasis on multivalent modes of illness informs Dr. El Hajj’s ongoing book project Illness Writing in Lebanon: Converging Pathologies and Lived Narratives Since August 4, 2020. Dr. El Hajj has also been involved in the Write to Remember project aimed at helping youth come to terms with the trauma. 


AKSOB Faculty Publishes in Prestigious Journal

A study co-authored by Dr. Omar Itani, assistant professor at the Adnan Kassar School of Business, on corporate environmental ethics has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, one of the 50 journals used in the Financial Times research rank. The paper shows that employee brand advocacy and customer satisfaction are increased when firms activate their corporate environmental ethics through eco-capabilities, as environmental stewards find more meaning in their work.


MEPI-TLSer’s Research on Gender and Reform Receives Recognition

Electrical engineering student and Middle East Partnership Initiative (US MEPI) Gender Scholar Pia Kattoura was selected to give a presentation at the end-of-year conference on a gender-inclusive public sector in Lebanon and the region. Impressed by her insights, communications skills, and policy paper, US MEPI leaders invited her to share her research and contribute to current work in anti-corruption reform.


Faculty’s Research Featured in Forbes

A paper co-authored by AKSOB’s Associate Professor of Marketing Zahy Ramadan has been featured in Forbes Middle East. The study – published by Marketing Intelligence & Planning – defines the key components of a computer-generated influencer’s (CGI) identity and analyzes the ensuing relationship between the CGI and its digital environment. The paper is said to “contribute a seminal work in the field of virtual influencers.”


TLS Students Published in Al Raida

A special issue of Al Raida, the flagship journal of the Arab Institute for Women, features research policy papers by 15 undergraduate students of the LAU Middle East Partnership Initiative-Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars Program (MEPI-TLS). The papers cover a plethora of timely topics in gender studies such as women’s labor, heteronormativity and gender inequality in the workplace.


LAU to Train MoPH Researchers on SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing

As part of a WHO grant secured by Professor of Microbial Genomics Sima Tokajian at the School of Arts and Sciences, her team will train two researchers from the Ministry of Public Health on SARS-CoV-2 sequencing and data analysis at LAU’s Pathogenomics Lab. Similar training will be offered to 30 LAU senior biology students. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Dr. Tokajian’s lab has been a reference for the MoPH and the WHO on circulating variants in Lebanon.


Toward Solar Panels “Made in Lebanon”

A proposal submitted by the School of Engineering to USAID-TIF (Trade Investment Facilitation project) to establish a pilot for local manufacturing/assembly and quality testing of PV (solar) modules in Lebanon has moved to the co-creation phase with industry partners. USAID, whose TIF project stimulates the local economy and key industry sectors, considered the proposal as one of the most impactful projects for Lebanon. 


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