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Alumna’s Film Reaps Awards

Untold, a film by LAU alumna Sara Fouladkar (BA ’21) won Best First Time Director Award at the Art Film Awards Festival and the Jury Special Award Best Short Film at the Europe Film Festival. It tells the story of a young woman facing trauma and anxiety amid COVID-19 and the August 4 Beirut explosion. She dedicated the film to “those struggling on their own.”

Elie Saab Oversees Promotion 2021 Jury

The graduating cohort of fashion design students showed their collections in the presence of Mr. Elie Saab during a closed jury at LAU. The visit, said Director of the Fashion Design Program Silia Abou Arbid, provided “a valuable opportunity for hearing new ideas, encouraging students to critically evaluate their development, carry exploration, and revise or assert decisions before the runway show.”  

Coding for the Future

LAU Tomorrow’s Leaders undergraduate program (TLU) scholar Manel Benabid, who is a computer science major, volunteered her time and skills at World Learning Algeria to teach high schoolers the basics of programming and coding. Through interactive, free-of-charge courses, her students were able to develop problem solving skills creatively.

ASCE Distinguished Chapter Award for LAU

LAU was the only university outside the US to receive the Distinguished Chapter Award from the American Society for Civil Engineers, placing it in the same league as top university student chapters worldwide. “The credit,” said Civil Engineering Chair Caesar Abi Shdid, “goes to the students, the student chapter leadership board, and their faculty advisor and mentor Dr. John El-Khoury.”

Fighting Gender Inequality in the Film Industry

Two students from the LAU Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Scholars Program (TLS) worked on a research paper to raise awareness on gender inequality in the film industry. TV and film majors Faysal Al Haddad and Ouday Yahya interviewed fellow female students at LAU, collected international data, critiqued scholarly work, and attended webinars by gender experts to build their argument.

ASCE Award for LAU Civil Engineers

Following last year’s commendation, the LAU Student Chapter of the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) has earned the Distinguished Chapter Award, given to the most outstanding chapter in the region. It was also recognized for its “exemplary community service benefitting others,” namely its disaster response to the Beirut Port explosion and assisting the community with recovery efforts.

TLS Scholars Reflect on New Learning Through a Gender Lens

On completing their first semester as LAU MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Studies (TLS) scholars, the 275 Lebanese students reflected on their experience. They gathered virtually to discuss scholarly work, attended webinars by gender experts, took workshops on masculinity and female entrepreneurship, and synthesized existing evidence-based research and reports of IGOs and NGOs. [archive photo]

TLSers Tackle Bodily Autonomy

As part of their coursework, a group of LAU MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Gender Studies (TLS) scholars chose to highlight a controversial topic: bodily autonomy in the Arab World. They conducted extensive research on sexual assault, pre- and extramarital sex, child marriage, LGBTQ+ and abortion rights. They summed up their findings in a video which they hoped would help break the stigma. [archive photo]

MEPI-TLer Launches “EducSoul”

LAU MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders scholar Alaeddine Loueti, who is also a Millennium Fellow, launched “EducSoul,” an online platform that raises awareness on children’s mental wellbeing in the learning process. His project addresses one of the United Nations Sustainable and Development Goals (SDGs) – Education – as it connects parents and educators through a series of workshops run by experts.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Newsletter

Issued every semester, the Fall 2020 issue of the LAU MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders newsletter is out. Through it, LAU scholars connect with their peers within the TL community and spotlight their recent endeavors and achievements.

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