In Brief

IMAGINE Musical Theater

The Imagine Workshop and Concert Series organized a session on the Art of Musical Theater led by Egyptian artist Dalia Farid. Farid used improv exercises, vocal warmups and basic choreography to help participants ease into the expressive and colorful world of musical theater. Participants used their new skills to perform a variety of scenes for each other.

Stories of Personhood from Refugees

The Department of Communication Arts, in collaboration with NGO Sharq, hosted the play I Am Not a Vase directed by Associate Professor of Theater Dr. Lina Abyad and co-written with Syrian playwright Madonna Adib, in Irwin Hall Auditorium. The play was based on real-life stories and was performed by Syrian women and LAU students.

CEP Ceremony

Public employees who earned Municipal Administration and Finance Diplomas — part of a program run by the Continuing Education department — celebrate their achievement.

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