Nabil Bustros’ Donation Launches Endowed Lectureship Series

Chairman and CEO of Midis Group makes a significant and personal donation toward a permanent lectureship series on breakthrough business topics and innovation.

By Naseem Ferdowsi

Nabil Bustros’ generous and personal donation demonstrates his commitment to LAU and to empowering the youth with skills and knowledge.
The signing ceremony at LAU Beirut campus was attended by LAU academic and advancement leaders.

Students, alumni, academia, and the community will soon enjoy more opportunities to engage with business-focused industry experts at dynamic workshops thanks to Nabil Bustros, the chairman and CEO of Midis Group, who has pledged his personal support toward the Nabil Bustros and Family Distinguished Lectureship Series Endowment Fund. 

Based in the Adnan Kassar School of Business (AKSOB), the endowed lectureship series will consist of two workshops each academic year, and feature international and regional guest speakers.

Gathering several LAU academic and advancement leaders, the signing ceremony at the university’s Beirut campus on June 6 demonstrated the business leader’s commitment to LAU and to providing the youth with opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will help them in their careers.

At the event, LAU President Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra thanked Bustros for his generosity and his contribution to LAU. “It is really beautiful in life to dream. What is more beautiful, however, is to realize one’s dream. And we are in the presence of someone who combined both,” he went on to say. “Not only did he [Mr. Bustros] realize his dreams, but he added an incredible dimension, and that is generosity. He gives to noble causes, including LAU’s new lectureship series.”

The inaugural workshop is shaping up to be an impressive one with Bustros’ support and input. Launching the lectureship series, Stephen Gillett, CEO and co-founder of Chronicle – Google X’s cybersecurity company – will be conducting an open discussion on leadership, change, and innovation on June 25. 

Explaining what motivated his philanthropy, Bustros said, “I have had a lot of luck in my career, and, as a result, I have received a lot, which I believe I need to donate. And I think that my contribution today is in the best hands at LAU and AKSOB.” Indeed, Bustros has guided Midis Group for several decades, developing it into a strong market leader with over 150 companies and more than 4,500 employees.

LAU Provost Dr. George K. Najjar praised Bustros’ commitment to education and youth. “The likes of Mr. Bustros represent a tremendous force behind the emergence of American business education,” he said. “The Carnegies of the world, the Sloans of the world, the Whartons of the world made excellence possible through their generosity. You, Mr. Bustros, represent a rare example of Lebanese business leaders and we are exceptionally lucky to have you.”

LAU strives to give students ongoing opportunities to hone their skills and learn more through seminars, workshops, and industry-related events across all its schools, year-round. Such programming helps to boost the link between industry and academia and best position students for success, whether in academic advancement or landing internships.

Commenting on the importance of such collaboration, LAU Assistant Vice President for Advancement, Nassib N. Nasr said, “This gift is a great example of industry and academia joining forces to benefit students. We are very excited about this lectureship series to continue to foster a culture of entrepreneurial thinking within the LAU community at large.”

The workshop themes and selection of guest speakers are organized by AKSOB’s administration in consultation with Bustros, who is an active member of the school’s advisory board. Bustros also plans to take part in workshops and, given his extensive experience and knowledge of the business world, will certainly be a key feature of the lectureship series for many years to come.


To attend the inaugural Nabil Bustros and Family Distinguished Lectureship Series workshop featuring Stephen Gillet on June, 25 at 11:00 a.m., please register here.