Student Survey Paints Positive Picture of LAU

Students and graduates take part in a global survey to gauge their perception of their university.

By Ceem Haidar

Respondents from LAU believed that the institution is deserving of international acclaim, by virtue of its ample financial aid and its spirit of inclusion and commitment to learning for all.

When nearly 1,000 LAU students and alumni were interviewed about their perceptions of their university and what it offers, words that reappeared in the responses were “home,” “success,” “prestige,” and “excellence.” Researchers probed further, and a key finding surfaced: LAU students ranked their overall satisfaction with the university higher than other college students.  

These insights were part of the Global Talent Research Survey conducted by Universum, a leading international research firm specializing in employer attractiveness. LAU was one of the many institutions that took part in the survey, and the results were promising. They showed that the majority of the respondents were highly satisfied with the university’s reputation, image, culture and student life, the opportunities it creates, as well the diversity of educational offerings – above the global average. In addition, over half of those surveyed said they would return to LAU to study if given the choice.

The Department of Institutional Research and Assessment (DIRA) at LAU facilitated the Universum study. Diane Nauffal, assistant to the president for institutional research and assessment, attributed the positive response rate to the structural changes that LAU has undergone in recent years.

“All of the schools at LAU undergo institutional assessments and revisions. For us, quality is at the forefront of what we do, and we are further embedding it into the culture to instill a sense of pride among LAU students,” she said. 

Of the most notable findings, respondents from LAU said the reputation of their university is of high value to them and that they believed the institution is deserving of international acclaim, provides ample financial aid, and strengthens the spirit of inclusion and commitment to learning for all.

For Vice President of Student Enrollment and Management (SDEM) Elise Salem, LAU’s strong performance in the survey is a natural result of the attention invested in each student. “From orientation to graduation, the SDEM unit provides dozens of initiatives to ensure that students are not only well served but that they have ample opportunities to discover who they are, serve their community and become future leaders,” she said. “Students help govern the university through the Student Council, and entire programs are student-run, like the massive Model UN and other simulation programs.”

One of the most important aspects of student support is financial aid in its many forms. An honors program for undergraduate students allows them to take part in research projects, and the University Scholarship Program grants opportunities to exceptional public-school students who do not have the means to study at the institution. The merit-based scholarship is another example of how LAU works to attract the brightest students and strengthen accredited programs that bring rising scholars to the university. 

Student satisfaction with the university extends beyond LAU’s walls, the survey found. Respondents strongly felt that LAU serves as a solid reference, opening doors for future career and educational opportunities. They also echoed their satisfaction with the academic foundation the university offers, citing high employment rates among graduates.

“At LAU, we continuously strive to attract the best faculty, to develop innovative curricula, and to produce some of the best research,” said Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs Mona Majdalani. “We also make sure to support our students academically with tutoring and advising to ensure they are getting the most out of their education,” she added.

The next strategic step for LAU, Nauffal says, is “to go beyond borders.” This includes “distance learning, blended learning and exchange programs to enrich the lives of students and create a culture of excellence and diversity.”