“Without You, We Cannot Stand”

LAU honors and celebrates staff at Labor Day lunch.

By Raissa Batakji

Nothing says ‘united,’ this year’s theme, quite like the handholding required for the traditional Lebanese dabkeh.
“Jam’etna w Btekbar Fina.”
President Jabbra, deans, and administrators cut the cake for the 300 plus staff members.
Nasri Tanios receives a trophy and a certificate of appreciation for 30 years of service from President Jabbra and Roy Majdalani.
Madih Mushref, honored for 40 years of service, started working at LAU when he was 18 years old.
On arrival, staff were treated to a selection of dried fruit.

LAU celebrated more than 300 members of the different university services departments at the annual Labor Day lunch earlier this month. Guests were joined by President Joseph G. Jabbra, Vice President for Human Resources and University Services Roy Majdalani, deans, executives, administrators and the human resources team and for dabkeh, singing, fine food and memorable moments. The annual event is one of many ongoing strategic HR initiatives to engage with and support university staff.

This year’s Labor Day lunch theme was Jam’etna w Btekbar Fina, which holds a double meaning that the university both unites and propels us forward together.

Nothing says united quite like the handholding required for the traditional Lebanese dabkeh. With live music playing, administrators and staff alike linked up on the dance floor, enjoying the jovial atmosphere.

In his address to the crowd, Jabbra said, “Every single member of the LAU family is key to the growth of the university. Without you, we cannot stand.”

Jabbra, Majdalani, and Assistant Vice President for HR Charbel Aoun presented certificates of appreciation and trophies to 17 staff members who have been working at LAU for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years. The certificate for 40 years of service went to Beirut campus-based Senior Network and Telecommunications Technician Madih Mushref. “I am so honored and happy to receive this,” Mushref said. He added that he was only 18 when he started working at LAU and to him, “it still feels like yesterday.”

Senior Foreman Nasri Tanios, who has worked at LAU for the past 30 years, proudly agreed. “It’s very rewarding to work here among kind colleagues and under a reputable administration. LAU is one of Lebanon’s best employers,” he said.

Tanios’ words reflect LAU’s mission of supporting its staff, which has led to its reputation as an employer of choice in the region.

In that spirit, staff members who were on duty at the time of the event were surprised with a special lunch and souvenirs delivered to them as a token of appreciation for their services.

As the festivities wound down, Jabbra thanked everyone for their years of dedication to the university. “Working hand in hand is one of the reasons behind LAU’s successes,” he declared.