Exploring Global Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Research

LAU hosts international academic leaders to showcase and share their contributions to innovative solutions in research.

By Luther J. Kanso

Professor in the Mathematics Program Dumitru Baleanu pitched the initiative of holding the conference at LAU to the Jaipur Mathematical Society.
From left: Dr. Dumitru Baleanu, Provost George E. Nasr, Dr. Samer Saab, Dr. Haidar Harmanani, and Dr. Nadine Abbas.
During one of the presentations, Electrical Engineer Marius Balas introduced a new method to combat global warming by transforming cities into green spaces.

In modern scientific domains, mathematical modeling, applied analysis and computation offer mathematical representations of real-world systems. These disciplines focus on translating real-world phenomena into scientific frameworks that researchers use to study and predict how complex systems behave. This can involve anything from forecasting weather patterns to creating efficient algorithms and gaining insights into biological processes.

Highlighting that, the School of Arts and Sciences (SoAS) at LAU recently held the 7th edition of the International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computation in collaboration with the Jaipur Mathematical Society from April 18 to 20, 2024.

Taking place both online and in person, the conference brought together a lineup of 80 experts and researchers from around the world to speak on the advancements in mathematical modelling in addressing numerous challenges across scientific, engineering and financial domains.

“This event not only showcases groundbreaking work but also inspires a future generation of innovators and thinkers,” said Provost George E. Nasr, who also acted as honorary chair of the conference, in his opening speech. “Our ongoing investments in faculty development underscore our commitment to the quality of our educational programs.”

The conference boasted a distinguished set of committees, too, with Interim Dean of SoAS Haidar Harmanani as chair, and Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Complutense University of Madrid Luis Vazquez Martinez as well as President of Jaipur Mathematical Society (JMS) Jagdev Singh as co-chairs.

Professor in the Mathematics Program at LAU Dumitru Baleanu—acting as chair of the International Scientific Committee, co-chaired by Dr. George Anastassiou, professor of Mathematics at the University of Memphis and Dr. Devendra Kumar, professor at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India—pitched the initiative of holding the conference at LAU to the Jaipur Mathematical Society.

Dr. Baleanu noted that, with such a diverse range of topics covered, attendees can be treated to presentations and discussions on computational mechanics, information theory and coding, artificial intelligence, and mathematical engineering, among others.

This provided a unique platform for scholars, researchers and experts from across the globe to converge and foster an academic environment conducive to interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange, he added.

According to Assistant Professor in computer science at LAU and Chair of the Local Organizing Committee Nadine Abbas, “LAU’s mission aligns perfectly with hosting international conferences as it’s all about pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making meaningful contributions to the broader academic and societal landscape.”

This vision was also shared by Dr. Harmanani. “Standing as a testament to the collective dedication and passion for advancing the frontiers of mathematics,” he said in his speech, “the showcased work exemplifies the intersection of theory and practice and paves the way for innovation and progress across diverse domains.”

One noteworthy presentation, titled “Increasing Carbon Offset by Rooftop Greenhouses” by Electrical Engineer Marius Balas, introduced a new method to combat global warming by transforming cities into green spaces. It suggested replacing traditional roofs with integrated rooftop greenhouses that are connected to buildings.

“To be here presenting my research at LAU is a promising step toward advancing research and collaborating with like-minded theoreticians across the world,” he noted. “I am happy to be among faculty members and researchers whose institution provides a great environment for academic progress and has plenty of intellectual resources.”

The conference also stands out not only for its academic efforts but also for the recognition it garners through indexing by SCOPUS, a highly esteemed platform for scholarly publications. This indexing process amplifies the visibility of the conference’s scholarly output on an international scale and allows researchers, institutions and stakeholders across various disciplines to access and engage with the cutting-edge findings and insights shared at the conference.

“I believe that the cogitations made in this conference would considerably add to the social welfare and scholarly work on mathematical issues,” said Dr. Singh. “The importance and applications of mathematics can be seen everywhere in daily life.”

The full list of the awardees for presentations and research can be accessed here.

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