LAU Launches Its Centennial Year

The president pledges to uphold the innovating, empowering and ever-giving spirit that has distinguished the institution since 1924.

By Raissa Batakji

President Mawad outlines his vision to transform LAU into a hub for research, scientific advancement and policy initiatives, during a press conference announcing the centennial year launch.

Paying tribute to the university’s unique past, LAU President Michel E. Mawad announced the launch of LAU’s centennial year with a promise to uphold its legacy, serving Lebanon and the region through a host of initiatives in healthcare, scientific research, medical advancement, student centeredness, public policy, ethical training and sustainable practices.

“As we are marking a century of accelerating improvements, evident in massive transformations that have touched every aspect of our existence, what has not changed is our dedication to LAU’s mission, the depth of our commitment to our community and our ambition for excellence in all that we do,” said Dr. Mawad.

LAU has undeniably come a long way since its early beginnings as the “College on the Hill,” as it was known in 1924 Beirut when it was the only college for girls in the Eastern Mediterranean. Since then, the university has expanded into a multi-campus institution that serves more than 8,700 students, taught by 700 faculty members in seven schools and two medical centers.

Having surmounted the worst effects of the Lebanese multifaceted crisis, LAU “is working toward a brighter future, bracing for a new century of leadership locally, regionally and globally,” affirmed the president.

He expounded on his strategic vision to further transform LAU into a hub for research, scientific advancement and policy initiatives that seek, find and realize sustainable solutions. The establishment of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Research Center, the Industrial Hub, the genetics research laboratory and the Center for Policy Analysis are some of the recent and upcoming additions on campus that illustrate the president’s outlook.

Dr. Mawad outlined this vision during a series of town hall meetings for faculty and staff held on both campuses and medical centers, as well as a video call with the university’s New York offices and an email message to its 53,000+ alumni, donors and friends. The centennial launch was also announced to the wider community at a press conference held on the Beirut campus on January 26.


LAU’s centennial year will include a lineup of events, initiatives and opportunities for faculty, staff, students and alumni to take part. Visit the centennial website, sign up for the newsletter and follow LAU on social media for updates.