LAU New York Becomes a Degree-Granting Campus

On its 100th anniversary, the university solidifies its position as a global institution of higher learning.

By Raissa Batakji

The historical achievement unlocks several new opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, experiential learning and global connectivity.

LAU has achieved a new milestone on its centennial year with the conversion of its academic center in New York into a degree-granting campus, a decision formalized by the State of New York Board of Regents on March 12.

LAU New York, strategically located in midtown Manhattan, may now confer master’s and bachelor’s degrees. This landmark decision paves the way for the registration of five cutting-edge programs tailored to the needs of the global job market: An in-person BS in International Business and four master’s programs to be offered online and in person, namely MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Global Business Administration, MS in Computer Science and MS in Applied Artificial Intelligence.

“Through this move,” said LAU President Michel E. Mawad, “we are expanding the boundaries of higher education, and forging a path toward a future where cross-cultural exchange, experiential learning and global connectivity are seamlessly woven into the fabric of our academic excellence.”

The historical achievement unlocks several new opportunities. LAU students in Lebanon and New York will benefit from an enriched learning experience featuring cultural exchange and the forging of stronger links between Lebanon and the United States. This provides a new platform for the bidirectional flow of knowledge, ideas, and opportunities.

Another strategic move will be to relocate all the university’s online degrees to New York, enabling their authentication through a US-based institution, thereby elevating their global recognition and credibility.

In terms of in-person education, LAU New York is poised to launch a BS in International Business in September 2025. Classes will run simultaneously with those in Beirut and Byblos, providing a unique opportunity for learners on the three campuses to immerse themselves in a truly international learning experience. 

This new status of LAU New York will pave the way for acquiring a special certification under the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) which could ultimately facilitate student/exchange visas in the future. It will also allow the university’s American students to apply for federal grants, enhancing their access to education. Students who spend one year or more at LAU New York may gain authorization for optional practical training, allowing for internships in the US that enhance skills and employability prospects.

The university envisions exchange programs where online or Lebanon-based students can spend a semester or more in the city, exploring its cultural, educational and professional characteristics.

“These exchanges are core to the current educational needs of students, offering a truly international experience from LAU, an institution that has solidified its status as a global university,” said Dr. Barbar Akle, associate provost and executive director of LAU New York.