LAU Varsity Teams Dominate the FSUL Championships

Sailors and Captains collected numerous gold, silver, bronze and individual titles at the Lebanese University Sports Federation (FSUL) 2024 National Championships.

By Raissa Batakji

The Captains Women’s Basketball team celebrate their victory.
The Captains Men’s Football team lift the cup.
The Captains Women’s Futsal took second place.
The Sailors Track and Field team were crowned the champions for the second year running, as both the Women’s and Men’s teams earned the National title in Athletics.
The Captains Men’s Volleyball team took third place.
The Captains Women’s Volleyball also won the title.

LAU varsity teams from both campuses had a commanding presence at the Lebanese University Sports Federation (FSUL) 2024 National Championships, where they competed against their peers from other universities in the country.

The LAU Captains—as varsity teams are known on the Byblos campus—won three titles in Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball (Gold League). They also won the Men’s Football (Silver League), took second place in Women’s Futsal (Gold League), as well as third places in Men’s Volleyball and Men’s Futsal (Gold League). The Captains made a splash with the Men’s Swimming team finishing in second place and the Women’s Swimming team coming third overall.

The star athletes’ counterparts on the Beirut campus—the LAU Sailors—also achieved notable podiums and contributed to LAU’s overall dominance in these championships. The Men’s Football, Men’s Handball and Women’s Basketball stood tall in the Gold League, coming as runners-up, while the Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball teams won the Silver League titles and Men’s Futsal and Volleyball ranked as runners-up in the Silver League.

Overall, LAU varsity teams, across both campuses, appeared in no less than 12 finals (Gold and Silver).

On an individual level, LAU Sailors were crowned the champions in Track and Field for the second year running, as both the Women’s and Men’s Track and Field teams earned the National title in Athletics. 

Commending the athletes, the Director of Athletics on the Byblos campus Joe Moujaes attributed their wins to the collaborative effort. “The dedication of the student-athletes,” he said, “combined with the unwavering support provided by the LAU administration, led by Vice President Elise Salem and Dean Jad Abdallah, was exceptional.”

For the Director of Athletics on the Beirut campus Sami Garabedian, “LAU is at the forefront of university sports on a national level, and is the number one university for team sports,” noting how LAUers have conquered 41 percent of the national team sports finals in basketball, futsal, football, handball and volleyball across both gender categories.