The LAU Industrial Hub Advisory Council Holds its Inaugural Meeting

The new council will work to ensure the hub’s alignment with industry needs and global best practices.

By Editorial Staff

President Mawad (C) with the members of the LAUIH advisory council.

LAU has officially launched the LAU Industrial Hub (LAUIH) Advisory Council, marking a milestone in the university’s commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry.

The inaugural council meeting, held at LAU’s premises, was attended by a notable array of dignitaries and industry experts. These included Caretaker Minister of Industry George Boujikian, chairman of Biodiamond Middle East SAL; Dr. Fred G. Boustany, MP and chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for National Economy, Trade, Industry, and Planning and CEO of BUMC; Mr. Vrej Sabounjian, chairman of Vresso; Mr. Alan Tabourian, CEO of Interbrand SARL; and Mr. Ramy Boujawdeh, COO at Berytech.

LAU President Michel E. Mawad welcomed the council members, emphasizing the pivotal role this collaboration plays in creating a synergy between academic research and industry requirements. He noted that this partnership is essential for propelling Lebanon’s economic development and providing students with invaluable hands-on experience and job opportunities.

Council members, during the meeting, unanimously expressed their full support for the LAUIH and its various initiatives aimed at empowering LAU students and contributing positively to the local industry. Mr. Boujikian, in particular, commended the leadership of Dr. Mawad and Dr. Elie Badr, Vice President for Business Development and Global Affairs, for this innovative venture, especially considering the current challenges facing Lebanon.

The council is set to meet on a regular basis to provide strategic direction for the LAUIH, ensuring that its activities and objectives remain closely aligned with both local industry demands and international best practices. The collective commitment of the council members signifies a promising future for the LAUIH, positioning it as a key player in advancing industrial innovation in the region.

Dr. Ali Ammouri, director of the LAUIH, reflected on the overwhelming support from prominent government and industry leaders, stating, “Today’s show of support is both inspiring and reaffirming. It underscores the LAU Industrial Hub’s vital role in shaping the future interface of education and industry in Lebanon.”

This landmark meeting marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the LAUIH, one that promises to forge a stronger bond between academia and industry, ultimately benefiting both students and the wider Lebanese economy.